Installing your valve

Here is how to install and set up the Zero Leak Toilet fill valve:

If your flapper hasn’t been replaced recently, we recommend that you install a new one with your ZLT fill valve.

Tips and Tricks

  • Before removing your old fill valve, turn off the water supply and hold the flush handle down until most of the water is gone. Use a shop vac to remove the rest of the water. If you  don’t have a shop vac, a sponge can be used to soak up the remaining water
  • Twist the top portion of the valve away from you while holding the bottom portion steady to unlock the height adjustment. Twist the opposite way to lock in your height.
  • Be sure to line up the installation mark with the top of the overflow tube. This puts your valve’s critical level 1″ above the overflow tube, making your installation code compliant.
  • To boost your flushing power, you can raise the valve’s height a bit. Just be sure the water level stays below end of the overflow tube. If this keeps you from having to flush twice, you will actually save water in the long run.
  • Periodically check the inside of your toilet tank in the morning after the toilet has not been used all night. If the water level has sunk below your set water line, you  have a very slow leak. Probably time to replace your flapper. No more messy dyes to detect leaks!


The current version of the ZLT Fill Valve is not compatible with dual flush toilets.

Upgrade your toilet with the ZLT fill valve!