How it Works

Here is a complete flush cycle with the ZLT fill valve:

When the toilet is flushed, the flush handle raises the arm, turning on the water. The float pivots under the arm, keeping it raised, allowing the tank to fill.

Once the tank is filled, the float pivots out of the way, the arm drops, turning the water off. The only way for the water to be turned back on is to flush. If a leak causes the water level to drop, the float will simply rest against the side of the arm and the valve remains off.

Here’s an example of what the valve does in the event of a leak, in this case, a flapper leak:

Notice that the water does not start until the flush handle is pressed. This feature allows you to continue to use your toilet until you diagnose and fix your leak. Simply flush, allowing the tank to refill, and flush again to dispose of the bowl’s contents.

Quit losing more than a tank’s worth of water and purchase a ZLT fill valve.