The ZLT Fill Valve

Quit Losing Water and Sleep

Is your toilet running up your water bill or causing you to lose sleep because it won’t stop running? The Zero Leak Toilet (ZLT) fill valve was invented to put an end to these problems. It keeps the water turned off when you aren’t using the toilet. Use your toilet the way your normally would, and let the ZLT fill valve take care of the rest.

Buy it now for an introductory price of $14.95!

Smooth Operation

Unlike other leak detecting valves, the ZLT fill valve does not require you to change the way you flush. It also features the rapid, quiet refill we all have come to expect from modern fill valves. Learn more about the ZLT fill valve on our How it Works page.

Developed with DIY in mind

The ZLT fill valve was designed to be easy to install. With our unique installation process, you will be assured a code compliant installation without having to understand all the details.


Our antisiphon fill valve holds UPC, cUPC, CE, and WRAS certifications to keep your water supply clean and to give you peace of mind.