The Zero Leak Toilet Fill Valve

The Unique Principle of the Zero Leak Toilet Design. (Patent Pending)

Prior to the Zero Leak Toilet,   toilets used  fill valves that closed when a float rising in the tank pushed the fill valve arm upwards.   Without water in the tank, the float cannot rise to close the valve.  Any leak will lower the water level of  the tank, the valve will open, and the tank will refill.  This noisy and wasteful cycle will continue until repairs are made.  Thousands of gallons  will go down the drain as your water and sewer bills rise.

The  Zero Leak Toilet principle is just the opposite.  Instead of a float pushing upwards,  gravity pulls the ZLT arm down to close the valve.  In  the down position, gravity will keep the valve  closed.  No additional  water can enter the tank and be lost down the drain.  You will save precious water and lower your water and sewer bills.

Automatically detect a leaky flapper and convenient flapper replacement.

After installing the ZLT, you may eventually get a weak flush or not flush at all. This indicates that the flapper leaked and  it needs to be replaced. However, your toilet will remain fully functional.  After the attempted flush, the tank will automatically fill and you can proceed with a normal flush even with a leaky flapper.  With the ZLT in the closed position, the maximum water loss is limited to a single tank.  Most other valves will open and close as the water level is reduced and continuously refill, wasting  unlimited gallons of water.

The ZLT allows you to easily replace the flapper because it is closed. No need to cut off the water with those pesky hard to reach shut off valves!  Simply lift the chain, allow the tank water to drain out, remove the old flapper, and install the new one. Press the flush handle, and you’re done!


Our antisiphon fill valve holds UPC, cUPC, CE, and WRAS certifications to keep your water supply clean and to give you peace of mind.

Smooth Operation

Unlike other leak detecting valves, the ZLT does not require you to change the way you flush. It also features the rapid, quiet refill we all have come to expect from modern fill valves.