Zero leak toilet Fill valve

stops leaks, saves water, Prevents floods

The zlt in action

How the ZLT responds to the most common toilet leak

Until a user flushes, the ZLT remains in the off position. When water leaks in the tank for any reason, the ZLT remains off, limiting tank leaks to at most one tank's worth of water loss. A weak flush is the first indication that a leak is present. Most leaks are caused by a faulty flapper.


Another benefit of the ZLT is the ability to replace a flapper without needing to turn the water supply off. Simply clean the flush valve seat, replace the flapper, and reset the ZLT. 

How the ZLT prevents flooding

In addition to being able to detect slow leaks, the ZLT can detect a major leak caused by a hung flapper or even a broken tank. When the water in the tank is nearly empty, the ZLT immediately shuts the water off.


Any leak that occurs when a toilet is clogged can lead to an overflowing toilet bowl that may go unnoticed for minutes, hours, or even days. This can lead to extensive water damage. The ZLT prevents this from happening, preventing water damage, saving the user thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

Easy DIY Installation

The ZLT was designed to be easily installed by homeowners with little to no plumbing experience. By following our instructional video, the user will have a proper antisiphon installation and enjoy the best flush power possible.