Zero leak toilet Fill valve

stops leaks, saves water, Prevents floods

The Zero Leak Toilet fill valve (ZLT) features a patented fail safe design. It instantly turns off when a major leak is detected and limits all leaks to just one tank of water. The mechanism can be easily adapted to all piloted fill valve designs.


We are looking for a company willing to buy or license our patent, or willing to partner with us to bring it to market.

The next generation

fill valve


Stops Flapper Leaks and Noise

Prevents Flooding

The most common cause of toilet leaks is a leaking flapper. A leaking flapper can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day and creates annoying refill sounds. The ZLT limits these leaks to no more than one tank of water, minimizing waste and eliminating noise.


The ZLT can help the user detect a flapper leak in two ways. The best way is to note the water level in the evening and comparing it to the morning level. If it drops overnight, it is time to clean the flush valve seat and/or replace the flapper.


A weak flush is the other indicator of a leak. If your toilet flushing power has dropped, it is time to clean the flush valve seat and/or replace the flapper.

A toilet leak combined with a toilet drain clog can lead to extensive water damage as the bowl overflows. The ZLT immediately responds to conditions that can cause flooding, eliminating or minimizing water on the floor.

Easy DIY Installation

The ZLT was designed with DIY installation in mind. By following our simple installation video, the user will have the critical level at the proper height to prevent siphoning and save water, money, and hassle with the built in leak detection.

Consider Working with Us

Our patent provides an excellent scope of protection. We have well polished prototypes covering the two most promising embodiments that we are happy to demonstrate. We can also provide insights gained from countless hours of experimentation and development.


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